April 2, 1989

Prelude to a Showdown

"Tension mounting and temperature rising,
Looking Death square between the eyes;
Who will shoot first??"

     Embarking on a new ICS directive, we find Agent MX7 once again collaborating with the friendly neighboring camp of SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL.  Since their initial Manila Brukout convergence, the two factions have come together once more to further their experiments in bringing their studies to the people.

     As with all their past efforts, the project takes on a life of its own;  distinctly shaping itself into a study on the natural forces of resistance and opposition, coupled with their outward manifestations as conflict, struggle, and tension.

     Our kind ICS allies at Galaxaburn have graciously presented us with this lost footage, granting us an exclusive glimpse -and a friendly warning- about the impending approach.

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