November 18, 1988

MYSTERYFORMS Digital Portfoliage

     Long-time MYSTERYSEVEN Associate and current Artist-in-Residence for the ICS Arts Crafts and Livelihood Program, MYSTERYFORMS has finally completed an archive of personal works for public viewing.  This exhibit, entitled MYSTERYFORMS DIGITAL PORTFOLIAGE, encompasses selected works spanning more than a decade, and promises to continue sprouting while taking deeper root.

MYSTERYFORMS touches on Identities and Personas
- their frailty, transience, nonsubstance -  
and what lies further beneath:

secret structures, a veiled order,
inner circuitries that forever hard-wire
us to the ONE unseen

     Visit the MYSTERYFORMS galleria for a more in-depth micro-panoramic study.  Collaborations and commissions welcome.  A recent collaboration piece with MX7 following a brief Subtropics Evaluation Tour shall be posted here soon after.  Stay tuned.  

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