May 8, 1989

A Point in the Unknowable


     Extraordinary events since their last project, A Patient Transit, leave the family and staff of ICS/MYSTERYSEVEN in utter disarray and disorientation.  The abrupt and unforeseen passing of their newest and youngest member, J.M. Jr., thrust the crew and project into a seemingly sunless limbo.

     If A Patient Transit pushed the fledgling team towards reconfiguration and reorientation, the current circumstances sent the remaining members in a silent scramble for purpose, meaning, and motivation.

     The inimitable junior member infused the team with an unalloyed innocence of action and a joy of discovery - rare in these times.  Yet, as M.L. Navajo intimates, "Contrary to leaving a void in our lives, he has shown us a light to catch hold of and a crystalline purity to attain to.  For we that remain, the urgency of the search is increased tenfold".

     "A Point in the Unknowable is our initial re-search attempt, not at understanding nor comprehending, but at acceptance and surrender," agent MX7 writes.  "This work is not our lament, our personal blues;  instead, it is our coming to grips with the larger forces of design secretly at play; an awestruck and humbled ode to His mysterious ways."

     Digital copies available here; includes a digitized album poster designed by MYSTERYFORMS with threadwork collaboration from M.L. Navajo for the Ecclesiastical Society of San Joaquin and the ICS Arts, Crafts and Livelihood Program for Cultivated Living.

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