August 2, 1986

Sitting Silently At Your Door

     MX7 returns from an extended tour of duty in the subtropics and is promptly directed by MYSTERYSEVEN to set up a new satellite workshop outside university grounds.  Furtively tucked away in an undisclosed marshland sector of South East Richmond, AQUABOOGIE studios is initiated.

     Along with establishing the new workspace, MX7 experiments with a new instrument signal routing configuration, coupled with the prerequisite internal circuit flow re-calibration to complete the overhaul process; all this as MX7 silently awaits and prepares for the next MYSTERYSEVEN project directive.

     And yet it is during this crucial interim that Sitting Silently At Your Door is made manifest.  What begins as a small series of test signals and tone equations, unknowingly synthesizes into a collection that is to be the second MX7 micro-album and third MYSTERYSEVEN official release.

     "Sitting Silently is about the In-Between, the Neutral Space, the Unmoving Field that upholds all," MX7 confides.  "It is about the Interval, the Meanwhile, the Gestation, and the quiet trust and discipline required to sustain oneself during this uncertain yet essential, fundamental period of development."  Listen up, this is the Nowhere Now Here Sound.

Sitting Silently At Your Door by MYSTERYSEVEN

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