January 20, 1987

Ultra-Infra-Sound Test

     At the onset of the spring term, yet undisclosed designs pertaining to the future perpetuation of the ICS program are slowly unveiled as the ICS Logistics Committee assigns agent MX7 and M.L. Navajo of the Parks and Recreation Board to develop together a new and integrated model of their research and study.

     The initial collated data resulting from this marriage of disciplines have been promising. Circulating mainly amongst peers, colleagues and ICS faculty members, the collaboration has been gradually well-received despite suspicions of its authenticity and doubts about their improbable symbiosis.

     Upon completion of the first stage in development, the works shall be made public. Ultra-Infra-Sound is a peliminary study that will serve as an index code for all sequential inquiries into the heart of the project. 

     MX7, in a letter to our editor writes, "...the piece alludes to the mystery force laying nascent, potent and bustling deep within all things - and all the wonder and promise that they bring..."  Signaling a progressional return to center, it's back to basics for the MYSTERYSEVEN family.

  Ultra-Infra-Sound by MYSTERYSEVEN

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