July 27, 1985


     Following the wonderful discovery and unexpected success of Letters From The Void, agent MX7 is suddenly sent on a strategic tour of duty to the jungle boroughs of Smog City, Manila; precariously nestled along the far eastern arm of the infamous Pacific Ring of Fire.

     Appointed as Remote Access Satellite Stations Operator and Eastern Subtropics Liaison Officer,  MX7 is commissioned to seek the cooperation and collaboration of the region's most elusive Sound System Operator and Radio Repairman,  Papa "Steady" Ranking of SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL

     The mandate was to integrate the ICS system of electrosonic introspection with the distilled depth-expanse of Seekers Dubwave Music, and at the same time incorporating the mass-reaching embrace of Sound System Culture.  All of this was to be successfully achieved while operating in impoverished, less-than-ideal, third world conditions.

     Papa Ranking, nicing-up one sweltering Sunday afternoon inter-city dance, was heard announcing in his characteristic jovial yet deathly serious speech:  "Manila Brukout Special...we a taking INNER search OUT to the people them, seen!  And we do it nice and easy..."  

Manila Brukout Special select cuts

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