February 8, 1982


     In 1982 MYSTERYSEVEN acquires their first educational instrument for their electrosonic studies program, the more commercially economical little brother of "the Prophet", the beloved Sequential Circuits Pro-One.

     Being made available to a wider public at a substantially more affordable price, the Pro One is quickly adopted by MYSTERYSEVEN as their primary tool for experimentation.

     Vigilance Alert! signifies MYSTERYSEVEN's initial breakthrough in the field of synthesized music architecture.  Continued experiments and testing with the Pro-One's basic and rather limited on-board sequencer has nevertheless yielded this rich, complex, yet satisfyingly RAW inter-locking pattern of tones and textures.

     In a quickly hand-written log book entry dated at the time of this initial discovery, the emphatic words "WAKE YO ASS UP!!!" tellingly sums up the overall feel and function of this wonderful piece.

     The controversy that ensued due to its seemingly unfinished and incomplete nature was immediately squashed when the piece was played in full splendour at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre Planetarium; no further questions.

VigilanceAlert! by MYSTERYSEVEN

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