September 24, 1975


MYSTERYSEVEN Begins Operations

     In the summer of 1975, inspired by the pioneering work coming from such institutes as El Saturn Research, Kling Klang Studio, Manhattan Research Inc, and the Radiophonic Effects Committee, three long-time associates Noveloso, Ocampo and Yu set about establishing their own electro-psychoacoustic studies under the collective name MYSTERYSEVEN.

     Upon receiving their post-graduate degrees at the Eastern Subtropic University, the board of directors for the Internal Circuitry Studies (ICS) Program graciously grants the group access to an under-used 360 Sq Ft workroom (formerly the ICS Electro-Sonic Research Lab) for their continued research and testing.  It was to be in this very space that MYSTERYSEVEN would take root.

ICS Electro-Sonic Research Lab cicra 197x

     In spite of their academic education and scholastic working environment, MYSTERYSEVEN would always adhere to a neoplastic and largely intuitive approach to their studies, rather than a hard-edged intellectual system of theories and postulates.  They maintain their ethos of joyful discovery throughout, fueled by the very same Unknown towards which they are laboring to unravel through their sonic research.

     Overcoming limited funding and apparent anonymity, MYSTERYSEVEN continues to function and operate to this day.  "This work will span lifetimes", Noveloso reports, "but in the meantime we are most happy to share our current findings to those of empathic frequency signals". Boost your receptor channel capacity range, the Unknown is vast and transmolecular.

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