July 21, 1983

ResetMechanism test results

     In the late 70's Professor W. E. Collins of PBS, a pioneering specialist in Pacemakers, approached the fledgling  MYSTERYSEVEN with a collaboration proposal: the challenge was to design what is essentially an Automated Self-Correction Device which will be made freely available and distributed to the public through local clinics and health care centres.

     At a press conference Prof. Collins expounds,  "Generally humans have a built-in mechanism that alerts us of physical imbalances, errors and potential danger. The alarm once triggered, sets off a series of automatic adjustments and commands necessary to correct the imbalance and consequently avert bodily harm."

     "Take, for example, touching a hot stove: the hand senses the sudden jump in temperature caused by intense heat, then sends an alert signal to the central nervous system, which in turn signals a command to immediately pull the hand away from the heat source; a burn is thus prevented, equilibrium is restored."

     "The same auto correction system, however, does not seem to exist when it comes to the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of our being; or if it does exist, then we seem to have lost all awareness or control of such an integral faculty.  It is our intention, therefore, to aid this deficiency by designing and fabricating an internal reset mechanism that can be self administered to restore internal equanimity instantaneously."

     A prototype model has since been built and is currently in beta testing.  Its usage has been limited to a select control group and a few experimental case studies, yielding promising results. Widespread distribution remains on hold, awaiting the final approval from the Regional Healthcare Assembly. Presented here is the complete recorded study of the Reset Mechanism in its 2nd edition, made publicly available for non-commercial research and reference study.

ResetMechanism by MYSTERYSEVEN

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